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Pacific American Life Science Learning Center
5286 Eastgate Mall
San DiegoCA 92121
 (858) 622-0271
Premier Surgical Training Lab & Quality C-Arm RentalsPacific American Life Science Learning Center offers a One-Stop Shop for your Surgical Training Needs with locations in San Diego and Irvine and Los Angeles coming soon!
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Medical Training San Diego, CA

Pacific American Life Science Learning Center is a privately-owned bio-skills lab with two locations, one in San Diego and one in Irvine. As a cadaver lab, we provide physicians and medical service companies with space, equipment, and event management staff to successfully perform hands-on training, R&D, and educational courses. With our large fleet of and 9900 C-Arm rentals, medical training professionals can get what they need from us. Call our lab to learn more.

C-ARM Rentals for Precise Diagnostics

At Pacific American Life Science Learning Center, we believe in adding convenience to people’s lives. We do this by providing C-Arm rentals for medical professionals. We carry a large fleet of GE OEC 9800 & 9900 C-Arms that accommodate your lab needs. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly C-Arm rentals, ours can help you with diagnostic imaging required to treat patients well.

GE OEC 9900 C-ARM for Rent

The Elite’s image processing power is 100 times greater than previous OEC models with dynamic range management. It produces 1k x 1k high-resolution images perfect for vascular imaging. It has a unique battery buffer system, active cooling, and heat monitoring allow for more lengthy procedures. It comes complete with LED Screens, SmartView pivot joint for better imaging angles, distortion control, and more.

GE OEC 9800 C-ARM for Rent

The GE OEC 9800 delivers a 1k x 1k high-resolution image perfect for diagnostics.

It has:

  • Superb image quality from our proprietary Image I.Q.
  • A clinical design ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Improved efficiency thanks to a simple user interface.
  • SMART options – SmartMetal, SmartView, and SmartWindow help perfect your technique in challenging situations.
  • Low dose features that ensure the right image at the correct dose.

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To rent one of our C-Arms or inquire about renting out our lab space for bio skills training, call now at (858) 622-0271 or by filling out the form below.

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